4 common problems college freshmen living alone has to deal with

You will certainly be starting a new quest—living by yourself to study at a college. Regardless if your parents or guardians taught you or mollycoddled you, you will still face some problems. For that reason, before you try to find a building student accommodation, you might wish to plan for these potential difficulties:


building student accommodation

Time of adjustment

An adjustment stage can really test your peace of mind, specifically if you’re resistant to change. You may be overwhelmed if you do not prepare.

Consequently, months in advance of your relocation, go to the community close to your educational institution. Click here StudentOne

Take some time to acquaint the environment, specifically around the building student accommodation you chose. Learn more about the customs, the vibes, the routines, etc.

By doing this, your period of adjustment will surely be shorter immediately after you settle down in your apartment.


Obviously, this is imminent particularly if you’re planning to rent a building student accommodation on your own. Here’s what you can do.

  1. Before seeing the university’s general vicinity, look into the most trusted studying hubs, co-working spots, parks, or coffee bars.
  2. List them down. Pick a few that meet your demands or taste.
  3. Next off, come by those places, take a seat, and get a feel of the areas.

Small maintenance troubles

It is your duty to discover minor repair service abilities; however, there will be instances when you will certainly be caught off guard.

Certainly, you can launch YouTube as well as search for a short DIY video tutorial. Nevertheless, what happens if it entails one particular thing hazardous or unfamiliar just like electrical wirings?

Long before you transfer to the location, make certain to gather experts—plumbing technicians, mobile auto mechanics, or electricians, who offer solutions in the area.

You can also rent out accommodation in Australia for students that has dependable staff members. They must be able to aid you with these kinds of troubles.


Staying on your own in a uni accommodation, it certainly feels excellent to have no parents watching your back, yes?

Regardless, with liberty additionally comes extra costs. If you do not discipline yourself, you could fall under a tedious spiral of idleness.

Therefore, ensure to acknowledge the origin of your disturbance—is it your neighbours, your mobile phone, or a certain person?

If it’s the pressure to socialise from your neighbours or classmates, don’t feel also guilty to pass on—weekends will constantly be there, but the target dates won’t.

Meanwhile, if it’s your smart device, you can install a few mobile apps. These certain apps restrict your screen time or block addictive apps like Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat. You can likewise switch off all your notifs.

Last thoughts

Most of these challenges will absolutely test your perseverance; nonetheless, one thing is definite: throughout this duration, you will definitely develop. Well, except if you decline to learn from your mistakes, obviously.

Overall, see to it to adhere to these pointers and your adjustment phase in an Australian or even US student accommodation will be much shorter. See more at https://studentone.com/corporate-news/