6 Tips to Keep Your House Safe from Burglars

Even though the crime rate in Australia has dramatically dropped over the years, there could still be a lot of criminals out there waiting for a chance to break into your property. It’s time to toughen up your house with several security measures to keep it safe and sound from burglars. The first step would be to fortify your gates with the help of professional fencing solutions. Speak to one of the experts at http://simplyfencing.com.au/ if you need quality workmanship.

Apart from putting a barrier around the house, here are 6 more tips to deter criminals from unlawful entry:

  • Invest in Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is a smart move for several reasons. One, it allows you to monitor any activity that happens in and around the property wherever you may be. Smart cameras are now view able through your mobile phone, so you can check it any time and any place.

Another benefit of having security cameras around the house is the aid it gives to police officers in case your house gets burglarised. Your cameras will record everything in high-definition, which makes it easy for the authorities to recognise the criminals involved.

  • Change the Locks When Moving to a New House

If you had just moved into a new neighbourhood, it would be best to change the locks for added security. A burglar lurks around and observes everything from afar. They could have already taken a glimpse of the locks when the property was empty. That’s why it is imperative that you buy new sets of locks for every doorway in the property once you move in.

  • Keep the Shrubbery Trimmed

Bushes are the best places for criminals to hide, especially at night. If you have shrubbery around the house, keep it trimmed low so thieves won’t have an easy spot to hide. If you have not installed a fence with professionals from http://simplyfencing.com.au/, your bushes will have to serve as your first entryway barrier.

  • Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Your valuables lying around the house could tempt any criminal to break into your property. Jewellery, gadgets, and other expensive items should be locked in a home safe or vault to keep them away from prying eyes. The passcode should only be given to someone you trust in the house.

  • Park Your Car in the Garage

Your car could become a getaway vehicle after a crime is committed. What’s worse? Criminals could easily hide inside your car, ready to strike when it’s time you use it. To avoid these, it’s best to keep your vehicle inside the property after every use. Your garage is built for a reason, and that’s to keep one of your most expensive investments safe and sound.

  • Don’t Announce Your Vacation

Some people announce their planned trips over social media just to brag about them. Wrong! Criminals do whatever they can just so they can get their hands on all the valuables you may possess–and that includes spying on your social media activities to see if you’re home or not. So, keep your activities within the family. Save the social media posting weeks after your travel.

Indeed, fencing solutions from experts at http://simplyfencing.com.au/, along with the abovementioned tips, are surefire ways to keep your house safe from criminals.