Bathroom Makeovers: Important Considerations

A bathroom serves an important role in our home. It’s more than just a location where we answer the call of nature. For some, it can be a space of solitude. Others also get their best ideas while in the shower. However, there may come a time wherein you need to have your bathroom renovated due to several reasons. Bathroom renovations melbourne is necessary to keep your bathroom at its best state. Here are some reminders before updating your bathroom.

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Bathroom Remodel Project Checklist


Set a budget that you want to spend on your bathroom remodel project. This helps you avoid unexpected price hikes and delays. Determine what you need to change in your bathroom to have an idea of how much the renovation project will cost you. Moreover, find a reliable bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs contractor who can work with your budget.


The duration of bathroom makeovers varies on the changes the homeowners require. No matter how small or large the bathroom is, the planning, construction, and overall completion of the project may take several months to finish. Before working on the renovation, you may want to think about where you and your family will take a shower or use the toilet while the project is ongoing.

Functionality and Design

Do your research on the things you want to add to your bathroom. If you want to save on budget, you may want to keep changes at your existing footprint at a minimum. While achieving a new design for your bathroom can be exciting, remember that you also need to think about functionality. Factors like plumbing fixtures or electrical wiring in bathrooms Melbourne homes should be considered with high regard.


Full plumbing replacement is a good idea for bathroom makeovers, most especially if you have an old house and haven’t done any renovations for quite some time now. The pipe materials in older homes are likely to have already aged. Moreover, changing out the plumbing altogether makes room for more re-design concepts for your bathroom.


A good source of light is important in a bathroom. Choose the right light bulbs. White light allows you to have an exact vision of your skin tone. Halogen bulbs are also a good choice since it lasts longer than incandescent bulbs. However, it is quite costly. LED light is a practical option because of its durability and energy efficiency features. It also doesn’t emit a lot of heat. Furthermore, maximise natural light into your bathroom by placing window treatments in a way that lets the sunshine in perfectly.


Consider adding cabinets or shelves wherein you can put your toiletries. Make sure that they are accessible. While you’re at it, think about the new accessories you want to install in your bathroom. Fixtures like grab bars, towel bars, or toilet paper holders may not only help in your daily routine but also add instant value to your home.


Bathroom renovation is not an easy task. Therefore, you must find a contractor who is experienced so your project will be successful. Depend on MW Homes for your bathroom remodelling needs. They have 30 years of renovation experience so you can rest assured that your bathroom will be revamped with superior craftsmanship. Check them out at