Pests Myths You Probably Believe, Pest Control Experts Say Otherwise

A staff at the Department of Primary Industries and Local Land Services has confirmed that there are yellow ants in Lismore, a town on the north coast of New South Wales. The invasive ant species can cause blindness and decimate crops. More information pest control dubbo

You can only hope they don’t reach Dubbo. But you should have pest control Dubbo has on speed dial if and when yellow ants invade your turf.

Don’t think your home is in danger of ant infestation?

It is understandable that you would think your property is safe from pests. No one would want to think their home has cockroaches and termites. But even the cleanest of homes can have the occasional pests.

Don’t believe it?

6 Myths about Pests You Probably Believe

Only dirty homes attract pests

Understand that pests have three basic requirements—food, water, and shelter. All of which are present in a clean home.

As for termites, they couldn’t care less about your home’s level of cleanliness since they are only interested in the structure and components made of timber.

A clean home may not be that high risk of pest infestation than a dirty home but a periodic visit from a Dubbo pest control company will eliminate any risk.

Bed bugs are only found in hotels and motels

That’s right! But they’re also infamous for hitching a ride on your luggage.

So if you have been unlucky enough to stay in holiday accommodation with bed bugs, call your trusted pest control in Dubbo.

Those unwanted hitchhikers will enter your home and hide in the seams of your mattress, bedside tables, and dark hiding places. Your bedroom, family rooms, and other areas of your home will no longer be bug-free.

Natural oils can effectively repel pests

Yes, but only as a short-term pest solution.

If you really want to get rid of pests for good, call in professional pest control Dubbo has. They will take into account the species of pests invading your home, their habitat, and habits in order to appropriately deal with them.

They will use the right treatments and ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Termites only hurt homes made of timber

Even the smallest amount of timber will make a brick home vulnerable to termite attacks. They enter your home through expansion joints and cracks in concrete slabs.

Supermarket sprays will take care of your problem

Consider these products similar to natural oils. You also need to know where and how much to apply to get the best results. Might as well leave the professionals to it, right?

Cheese is an effective bait for mice or rats

The media may have over exaggerated the efficacy of cheese as bait but it’s not that special really. You may be more successful using nuts, seeds, and nesting material as bait. But really, most foods will attract rodents.

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