Why understanding the basics of a BASIX certificate is crucial

If you’re planning to build a new home in New South Wales or planning a major renovation, you’re going to need a BASIX certificate.

basix certificate

This is basically a certificate that helps ensure the development project you have in mind satisfies the sustainability requirement of NSW. This is the one way the state can ensure in your new home is environment-friendly.

Think of it as an opportunity of doing your share to increase and promote sustainability.

What is a BASIX certificate?

As previously mentioned, the certificate helps to ensure the sustainability of residential dwellings.

This is often provided after the sustainability assessment is completed using the online BASIX assessment tools. A building professional usually carries out the assessment.

If your project passes, you need to pay the fee and the certificate will then be issued to you electronically as a PDF.

Who needs to obtain BASIX certificate Australia?

  • New dwellings with a construction value of $50,000 or more.
  • Alterations & additions with a value amounting to $50,000.
  • Pools and spas that will use water at a volume greater than 40kl.

If your project falls under any of these specifications, you must obtain a BASIX certificate and submit it along with complying development certificate (CDC) or development applications (DA).

When do you need more than one BASIX certificate?

In most cases, only one certificate is required to accompany a development application. However, you may need another one if:

More than one dwelling is involved

Which makes sense, since the planned alteration, extension, or enlargement will be done on separate buildings. This is especially true if both buildings are BASIX affected.

Ideally, each existing dwelling must pass the minimum requirements for energy and water efficiency. The scores can’t be combined.

Land subdivision into separate lots

If a development includes subdivision of lots and the construction of detached single dwellings on those lots, the application can be accompanied by:

  1. A certificate covering all dwellings. This is obtained using the BASIX multi-dwelling tool.
  2. An individual certificate for each dwelling.

There are pros and cons to each option. The former, for example, reduce the number of certificate pages to comply with but may pose a problem when you need to make revisions.

Yes, a BASIX certificate in Australia can be revised to suit certain requirements. If it’s shared by several dwellings and only one homeowner wants to make adjustments, this will pose a problem.

The problem with the latter is the number of pages to accompany a development application and the fees involved with every individual certificate.

Other projects that need a separate certificate are staged development and large multi-building residential flats.

Find BASIX certificate you can trust

Considering that the compliance is vital if you want your project to succeed and to avoid legal problems, it is best to get a certification service from an accredited, licenced, and fully qualified provider.

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